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After all... tomorrow is another day!

This was inspired by another post in another thread that amused me how redundant and repetitive everything is that I was curious to see if DR did a Mad Libs version of the Days feud storyline what us posters would come up with and if it would be any different or even possibly better than all the redundancy that Hogan Sheffer is turning out right now.

OK for those of you who have never played Mad Libs or need a refresher... here's how this works. I give you prompts and then you answer back. When all the prompts have responses I'll go back and share with you the results.

Please respond to these in order and only do these one at a time just so everyone can get a chance to play if they want.

Without further ado... here's the prompts.

1. DOOL supercouple = Tony and Anna
2. Place = DiMera Mansion on Aremid
3. Inanimate object = letter
4. One half of DOOL supercouple = Kayla
5. an annoyance = Doug and Julie's only involvement being story time
6. One of EJ/Sami/Lucas = Lucas
7. an unpleasant fate = Being tied to a chair and forced to watch Lindsay Lohan and Olsen twins movies. ALL OF THEM!
8. adj. related to temperature/weather = frigid
9. place = Salem Place
10. One of EJ/Sami/Lucas = Sami
* an unpleasant fate = tied up and watching the reading of the letters for 12 hours straight over and over or worse yet - the Garden of Eden Story over and over
11. One of EJ/Sami/Lucas = EJ
12. Any DOOL character = Chelsea
13. body part = vagina
14. DOOL character
15. DOOL character
16. Verb


Here's the new ones guys:
OK I made up a new one guys. Hope you like it and remember to go in order.

1. weather event
2. Location in Salem
3. DOOL character
4. Boy name
5. Girl name
6. DOOL character
7. weapon
8. body part
9. character in the Touch the Sky storyline
10. Another character in the Touch the Sky storyline
11. DOOL supercouple
12. food item
13. A DiMera who isnít Stefano
14. DOOL character
15. any object of monetary or sentimental value
16. member of the Brady family (this can include people like John and Marlena)
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