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Viewing Single Post From: PSNS: Wednesday

First of all, I have to hate on Ethan, the IDIOT who bought Theresa sexy SHIT to wear before they make love when, hello?, the fantasy is to take her in her FUCKING WEDDING DRESS. Because fucking the BRIDE is hot! In lingerie she's just another pretty girl. THINK, ETHAN, THINK! Ethan's stupidity in that regard ruined the scene for me. (Thanks a lot, ASSHOLE!)

Meanwhile, I wish JER had fun with the Luis/Sher/Vinny scene. We know Vin is bisexual (and probably more in the gay way, though); he should have just said, "Okay, I'll strip nude ... I'll have sex with you! One night ... 15 minutes ... no kissing." Or something equally sexy and fun. Instead, he went the predictable (for me) route. Come from behind.

Oh, and to those who didn't see it coming? Luis hinted it after he fake with Vincent. Vincent turned away for a split second, Galen's expression turned to worried; then Vinny turned back and Galen went back to "Haha, get the bitch."

POOR PRETTY! I have NEVER, in all my years of watching a soap, seen anyone so MERCILESSLY taunted as Alistair did to her today. I mean, the "Ugly Crane" and the "pizza on your face" comments were just a BIT MUCH.
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