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Bella Principessa
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Oh, I didnt know we could customize this! LOL

This week sucks. More of the same boring shit, as it always is. Liason however, makes me want to throw up 10,000 times over. Not so much Liz, I don't give a shit about her, but Jason, Jason needs to fucking die. I don't feel a drop of sympathy for the cold blooded killer. I don't feel a shed of sadness that he's being kept from his son. Yeha, well, should have thought of that when you let Sonny hang AJ on a meathook. What goes around comes around, Borg ass bitch!

Liz needs to just move those kids into Jasey Poo's penthouse, buy them some bullet proof vests, and live in her fantasy happily ever after. Lets take bets, which kid gets popped first? My guess is Cam, but if Jake is ever revealed to be Lucky's, it might be him.

Logan and Lulu were adorable.

Ric is a psycho mother, but Ilove him. Called Liz on her hypocratical shit. Go Ric. :D

Personally, I'm all with Sam. I hope she gives Liason a piece of the the hell they've cast on PC over the last year. LMFAO and I hate Sam.
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