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Bo and Roman's plan to arrest EJ and stop him from being Stefano's liver donor backfires this week on Days of Our Lives when the DiMera goons grab Benjy.

"It's mostly a barter," explains Peter Reckell (Bo). "If Stefano ends this stupid vendetta and turns in Andre, Bo will give up EJ. Stefano can have part of his liver and everybody will be happy. Stefano refuses the big stumbling block is that he doesn't want to turn in Andre."

That's bad news for Benjy, who stops by to visit Hope, Steve and Kayla and admits he's terrified the DiMera's will come after him. Steve promises to protect him, and Benjy goes to hide in his car. But he never returns.

Hope phones Bo, who heads home to check on Benjy's disappearance. Things look bleak when Steve finds Benjy's blood-soaked shirt and even bleaker, when Bo and Steve find Benjy in a dumpster. "Benjy is barely alive and has a slash on his side where his liver is, so they put two and two together," sighs Reckell.

The duo races to the hospital, where Dr. Rolf is preparing Stefano for surgery, and an enraged Steve grabs the cooler containing the liver section, determined to stop the transplant. Bo wrestles it away from Steve, and Stefano's surgery proceeds.

Steve blasts Bo for playing by the rules, but Bo reveals he's changing the game. "Bo decides to stage Stefano's death and hold a funeral, knowing Andre will show up," explains Reckell. "Andre is Stefano's muscle. He is the one who is hurting people. Once they get Stefano's right hand man they will be able to end this vendetta."

Or so they think.

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