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Aug 22 2007, 09:53 PM
The Belle/Shawn/Philip stuff was much better today. Belle just came off so bitchy yesterday and I'll admit I was insulted on the Brady's behalf because of her reaction to living over the Pub! I'm also getting more convinced that Grandpa Shawn is on his way out; they are putting Shawn in position to run the Pub and he will even be living there. I think it's a big clue.

I have to agree. I'm confused about what is so awful about living at the pub! She loves Shawn, but she can't get rid of the luxarious life that Phillip has to offer. The pub is a great place, and family is always there. I would love for Shawn to run the pub, that way its still in the family, and is a nice income source for him. The garage doesn't seem to be working out.
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