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DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Sami and Lucas go to the gym in place of Kate to intercept the folio from Andre. They see a woman heading into the steam room carrying the folio. Lucas goes after her, only to discover "she" is actually Andre with a gun. Andre knocks Lucas out with the butt of his gun and ties him up in a car. Lucas awakens to find himself trapped in the car and surrounded by ferocious dogs. Bo and Roman help Lucas escape from the car. Andre shoves E.J. and Sami into the steam room. Sami frantically performs CPR on an unconscious E.J. She then orders a reluctant Lucas to resuscitate him. Steve, Kayla and Hope realize Benjy never returned from parking his car. Bo gets a call that Benjy has been found in a dumpster, barely alive. They deduce from the deep cut in Benjy's side that Stefano's donor liver came from him. Shawn tells Hope he'll soon be out of a job. He's been thinking about a new career as a cop.

SNEAK PEEK: Stefano "dies" again.
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