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I am Secretly Gay!

Today was amazing episode, just focused on brady vs dimera and colleen and santo. Today was very good and i loved it. I loved everything about it.

Colleen and santo scene was great, why does colleen have to fight her attraction to santo, she knows she wants him in bed and who cares what some silly vow, she should not worry about stupid god, i want a santo and colleen love scene. Great cliffhanger with colleen until the next time we see them, what will she do.

Stefano and EJ was really well done and acted, great job by joe and james. Joe mascolo deserves an emmy for that scene alone.

I loved the pub scene, omg Bo your nasty doing his belt buckle up lol. I am loving this, it seems like they are reading a novel and discussing it like in book clubs lol. Dee, Peter, Kristian, Bill and susan seems like they are enjoying it and getting into the letters, at least they make an effort to put into the letters, now drake he is a dummy just sitting there. I wish they will kill john off, Peter and kristian seem like they are having fun but they are heavly involved in this story not just the letters but the brady vs dimera. If drake puts an effort maybe he will be on more. I rather have marlena on more then john, at least we know that dee puts an effort in it and is a great actress.

Dr Rolf looked so funny with that mustache and everything, i really like rolf, i am glad they didnt kill him.

Sami/lucas/kate scenes were good, sami believing kate wow never thought i would see that. Great cliffhanger with kate. What will lucas and sami say.

TOMORROW LOOKS GREAT especially with Lexie and Stefano, Hope/nick/chelsea. Yea more nick and chelsea :)
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