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Viewing Single Post From: DAYS DISCUSSION this week..
Aug 23 2007, 03:14 AM
I like Santeen, don't get me wrong, but I WAS PISSED at Santos today for pulling that "my heart beats only for you" CRAP. It was OBVIOUSLY a ploy, love or not, to get Colls into bed. It was SICK, it was demeaning and I, for one, am PISSED that it happened.

Luring an innocent girl and FORCING her to choose like that?!

I'm GLAD you died miserably, Santos.


That's how Hogan writes though. No respect for women. Of all the things Jeremy could have been smuggling, Hogan makes it women. The man has an 8 month pregnant woman having sex in a bathroom shower in a hospital. Every female character he's introduced is either a whore ~ literally ~ or a skank or made to appear to be a skank like Danielle who was brought on to appear as a woman cheating on her husband. He's reduced Kate back to being a whore for Stefano. And even a novice is made to come off as a tease or at least talked about as a tease by the men on the show. Hogan has no respect. And I mean for more than just women, he has no respect for the viewers either.

For all the things people find fault in with JER, he at least had more respect for his female characters than Hogan does.
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