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Brooke reveals to Ridge that she knows he filed for full custody of the children and later tells him of her attack. Ridge promises her that he will not let anyone take her children. Ridge goes to Stephanie's to pick up his children and bring them back to their mother. Phoebe tells Rick she loves him, but she isn't ready to make love and she runs out. Eric signs paperwork for another loan. Ridge chases Andy when he runs out of Cafe Russe. Ridge follows Andy onto a rooftop, where Ridge lunges at him. Andy grabs a high voltage antenna to defend himself and reveals to Ridge that he had an accomplice someone who knows Brooke well. Ridge pushes Andy to tell him who his accomplice was. A guard rushes in and startles Andy, who accidentally falls into a metal gate, electrocuting himself. Katie surprises Donna when she returns to town for Donna's wedding. Thorne gives Stephanie an ultimatum: accept Donna or lose him. Taylor finds out that Nick and Jackie are suing the Forresters over their name.

SNEAK PEEK: Stephanie covers her tracks.
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