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Miguel gets psychiatric help

Esme tells Fox about her family drama.

Gwen reveals her big secret.

One of Harmony's citizens bites the dust on Tuesday August 28

Theresa who is by Ethan's bedside holds a vigil for him

Pretty poison's Fancy's lemonade., and Fancy is abducted.

Whitney tells everyone that she's decided to leave Harmony.

Alistair instructs a doctor to implant a device in Fancy's brain.

Fancy informs Luis that she has evil in her blood, just like the rest of the Cranes.

Spike and Vincent meet up to go over their orders from Alistair to kill a list of people.

Sheridan tries to escape with Vincent, but her car spins out of control and crashes on the side of the road.

Spike and Vincent hang over the edge of the cliff, both clinging to Sheridan's grasp.

Vincent pleas with Aunt Sheridan to save him, but she refuses when Spike tells her he knows where to find Marty.

Eve vows to get revenge on Sheridan.

Sheridan informs Luis that Marty is alive.

Whitney says her goodbyes to Theresa.
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