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Steve Frame
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"It's going to be a very dramatic fall for everybody," promises Head Writer Jean Passanante.

"Things will happen that will force everyone's feelings out in the open. It will be a major turning point in the story. But Carly has a breaking point; Carly is Carly when push comes to shove." Katie and Jack continue to plan their wedding, "with lots of interruptions," while Katie's friendship with Brad deepens. "We need to see some growth with Brad if we are to have any faith in his feelings for Katie. He has attributes that she really didn't perceive before and she's starting to see another side of him."

As Rosanna continues to recuperate with Paul by her side, "Interesting alliances form. Rosanna is a powerful no-nonsense person, but she was also almost dead. There's a certain fragility for neediness to her now. Craig realizes that Rosanna represents a very serious threat to him. And Paul is certainly not above prodding that along. Paul's attitude is shifted; he is not necessarily plotting, but he is certainly into Craig getting his just deserts. In a way, Paul loves both women but right now his anger at Meg has taken over. As the story goes on, you'll that there are chinks in the armor he has created to fight against his feelings for her."

The couple faces another tragedy when Gwen has a miscarriage. "They have a lot of problems and a lot of other people get pulled into their story. I think we all want Gwen and Will to be happy, so the arc of that story is moving toward the end, we hope. Alison is assumes a surprising role." As for Gwen's recently introduced brother, "We'll see other sides to Cole as things go on."

Noah/Maddie/ Luke:
Maddie's in for some heart-break when she finds out about Noah's attraction to Luke. "They are all young and inexperienced and they are not sure how to deal with the situation. I had other people say 'This is such an important political story....' My feeling is, we are telling a young love story. And to me it's a normal love story." As for Maddie's imprisoned ex? "Poor Casey, he's obviously having a bad time of it. It's certainly possible that we will do something with that."

Em's homecoming is still a few weeks off, but "There will be surprising new elements to Emily's return." Meanwhile, Dusty's got a murder rap to beat -- with Lily's help. "As the strains of Lily and Holden's relationship will continue, Dusty's friendship becomes important to Lily."
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