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Aug 23 2007, 09:53 PM
Aug 23 2007, 07:49 PM
It's a good thing Days puts out other spoilers because these make it sound way too TTS heavy.  Whatever the case, seems like the summer stories, including TTS, are winding down.  I figured the young set would take a break in the Fall so I am optimistic for better things ahead.

Thank you for that optimism, yo. My optimism is that they'll pull a twist and have Tony be on the Dimera side. That would be fun for me.

Boy would it be shocking if Nick was killed by this random stranger. A violent, bloody orgy of death, if you will, taking out him, Jett and the stranger, leaving Chelsea alone to explore a lesbian relationship in the Salem U sorority storyline.

No problem. Someone has to be the eternal optimist. :lol: .

I like Nick but I am also getting sick of him and his issues. The TTS crew as a whole needs a long break this Fall IMO. It's not the story. It's just overkill.
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