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Aug 23 2007, 05:06 PM
NO! NO! NO!!!! I was gone all day and forgot to set my tivo!! :( :( Would someone mind giving me a synopsis of the highlights?

Sheridan only had a flesh wound.
Luis wouldn't fully admit that he didn't mean he hated Sheridan when he said all those things to get Vincent in a frame of mind to believe Lu wasn't a threat to him. He only said something like, "I meant to keep Vincent from harming you," when Sheridan asked him to say that he didn't mean he hated her. Burst her bubble on that one.

Al revealed himself to Gwenbecca; he threatened Gwenbecca never to tell Theresa's secret; he'll handle it. Becca cackled to herself that Tess is now a bigamist. Gwen, at first sad that she couldn't ruin Tess' life loved that thought and cackled like a witch as well! (Great scene; so 2001, pre-sending the files of E's true pat to the tabs)

Meanwhile, ETHAN AND THERESA'S INCREDIBLE "SONG" came back (you'd have to be a classic watcher -- were you? -- to realize this old friend)

ET were hot and sexy.

Fancy told Lu, Sher, Evian that Al is alive. They're all shocked. Pretty confirms it.

Ednorma had great sexually-oriented-but-not-really hijinks. Great sight gags with the punchlines of those hijinks.

Great show
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