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Friday, August 24th 2007, 4:00 AM

Lindsay takes the podium to accept her "Woman of the Year" award today on "One Life to Live," and is promptly arrested for Spencer's murder.

"Lindsay does not see it coming," says Catherine Hickland, who plays the surprised culprit. "She was shocked enough that she was getting this award, because she's been the town pariah for so long. As she gets closer, she has an uneasy feeling."

Because she knows she's the murderer?

"Yes, but also because Nora is the one presenting," says Hickland, referring to her character's nemesis. "She doesn't know what Nora will say. So Lindsay has a lot of things on her mind on the way to collect the award and give that speech."

Indeed, Nora does bring up their checkered history, which provides the excuse for "OLTL" to use some raucous clips from the past.

"It's pretty great," touts Hickland, "because when Nora is giving the speech about Lindsay, she is speaking in double entendres. As she says certain things, it will make sense to the audience because those scenes will be shown in flashback. It's legendary catfight stuff."

After Nora introduces Lindsay, the "winner" takes the stage.

"She's giving her speech and all of a sudden, her guilt begins to eat at her," says Hickland. "She's dying to tell, but she can't. So she starts to unravel. As all of this is starting to happen, [Detective] John McBain is closing in on her. The show is just fraught with tension."

Which culminates in Lindsay's arrest.

"She begs and pleads with John, but he is quite cold about it," says Hickland. "He knows the truth."

The prevailing wisdom is that Lindsay killed Spencer because he threatened to reveal baby Tommy's true parentage (Todd!) and she wanted to protect Marcie and the baby.

"You won't know why she did it until the trial, which we have to protect because it's a Lana Turner 'I want to live!' moment," says Hickland. "Lindsay doesn't want to tell Marcie the truth because she is like a daughter to her. She doesn't want her to suffer."

But Marcie will suffer when the truth is revealed in the coming weeks.

"It's going to be more than Marcie can bear," warns the actress. "Marcie can't have another baby on her own, so this will be the only child she will ever know. It's terrible."

As terrible as Lindsay's prisonwear is going to be?

"I'm wearing Seven jeans and a tight sweater in jail," responds Hickland. "This isn't reality, it's a drama. Nobody wants to see me in an orange jumpsuit."

An unusual 'Housewife':

Hot on the heels of hiring former "One Life to Live" star Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey) to play the new gynecologist in town comes word that "Desperate Housewives" has brought on "OLTL's" Tuc Watkins (David) to play one half of a gay couple who moves to Wisteria Lane.

Described as "antisocial" (hmmm, wonder why?), Watkins' character will be paired with Kevin Rahm, last seen on "Judging Amy."

Watkins' "desperate" new gig will not interfere with his planned return to "OLTL" for the November ratings sweeps, when David's new status as the Buchanan heir will be hilariously addressed.


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