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Bye Bye Bitch

I have loathed Marcie since way back when, when she first came to OLTL, as Jen's friend who tampered with results at the clinic. She was such a bitch to Al, who was hot for Jen, she was a bitch to Rex who was hot for Jen, and she was a bitch to Cris, who I hate, who was with Jen, and he was sort of hot for Natalie at the time. Marcie then moves on to the story with Al, the love shack, etc. and I dug her for a minute with the Hepatitis,Liver disease story with Al, because she was helping him off the drugs. Al dies, Michael lives, yada yada, and she marries him and becomes a nosy loudmouth bitch. She is always talking shit, more recently, to Nora the other day when she told her she's kick her ass. She has a loud mouth and her voice is annoying and she comes out of her face a lot. Not that John doesnt deserve someone snapping at him, but when she went off on him the other day, I would have told her something. I still see the Marcie that came to Llanview in the new Marcie and I hate that.
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