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* Brooke makes a shocking revelation when she tells Ridge about her attack.
* Eric is surprised by a call from Nick.
* Andy and Ridge have a dangerous confrontation.
* Andy is accidentally electrocuted, but not before he tells Ridge that he had an accomplice who knows Brooke well.
* Brooke makes a bold decision to take control of her life again.
* Ridge returns Hope and RJ to a grateful Brooke.
* Stephanie makes a faux pas in front of Ashley.
* Nick's business woes continue to mount.
* Nick and Jackie make a decision about Forrester Creations.
* Eric takes out another loan.
* Ridge tells a shocked Stephanie about the gift he gave to Brooke.
* Taylor worries about Nick and Jackie suing the Forresters over the company name.
* Stephanie knows she has to cover her tracks.
* Stephanie ruins Donna's hopes for peace.
* Thorne gives Stephanie an ultimatum - accept Donna or lose him.
* Katie Logan, the youngest Logan sibling, returns, much to Donna's surprise.
* Katie and Stephanie face off.
* The winner of the Boldface Challenge is announced.
* A couple reconciles.
* Rick and Phoebe make a big decision.
* Phoebe tells Rick that she still isn't ready for sex.
* Rick makes a startling admission to Ashley.
* Rick asks Ashley if they have a future together.
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