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Monday, August 27
Sami and Lucas go to the gym to intercept the folio; Stefano asks E.J. if he has second thoughts about donating his liver; Roman and Bo arrest E.J. for unpaid parking tickets; Stephanie and Max discuss their kiss in Las Vegas.

Tuesday, August 28
E.J. rushes to his father's bedside, where he pleads with Stefano; Andre ties Lucas up in a car; Andre locks E.J. and Sami inside the steam room; Benjy shows up when Steve and Kayla are visiting Hope.

Wednesday, August 29
Bo and Roman help Lucas escape from the car; Sami and E.J. struggle with the increasing heat in the steam room; agitated Stefano makes Dr. Rolf swear to destroy the folio if he dies; Bo finds out that Benjy has been found, barely alive, in a dumpster.

Thursday, August 30
Sami frantically performs CPR on unconscious E.J.; Steve prevents Stefano from going into the operating room; Max informs Shawn that he will probably lose the garage; Billie tells Philip that she learned Lauren stayed at a women's shelter in Tulsa.

Friday, August 31
Kayla leaves Pocket with Steve while she goes to the hospital; Lexie and Kayla sit vigil at Benjy's bedside; Shawn tells Hope that he will soon be out of a job; Belle tells Shawn that she is going to Tulsa with Philip to search for the baby.
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