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Monday, September 3
No show

Tuesday, September 4
Bo tells Tony he plans to lure Andre out of hiding by staging Stefano's murder; Tony works to convince Stefano of his loyalty; Sami recuperates after her steam room misadventure; Lucas comforts Kate; Stephanie tells Steve he was right about Jeremy.

Wednesday, September 5
Sami is reluctant to read the latest translations of Colleen and Santos' letters with E.J.; Jett warns Max that Jeremy and Rawlings are going to be arrested; Jeremy tells Stephanie he plans to flee; Nick confides his suspicions to Billie.

Thursday, September 6
E.J. and Sami continue to read the letters and talk about how they can relate to Colleen and Santo; Sami orders E.J. to leave; Jett reviews the plan to arrest Rawlings and Jeremy; Rawlings shoots Jett in the back, then holds Max and Stephanie at gunpoint.

Friday, September 7
Dr. Rolf prepares Stefano for his ride home from the hospital; Bo and Roman claim that Stefano needs protection; Steve arrives and pulls a knife; Lucas accuses Sami of using the vendetta as an excuse to see E.J.; Chelsea struggles to keep Jett alive.
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