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Aug 24 2007, 04:17 PM
Dear Andre,

I admire your tenacity and never-say-die attitude. Well, about this never-say-die thing.

Apparently it was you who put everyone through the stupid neverending kidnapping crap. And, well, they're all alive (except for maybe Colin Murphy) despite such events as a castle catching fire and an island blowing up. There's not even anyone with permanent injuries!

Now I'm afraid you're going down the same path, and it's really pretty pathetic.

Please take at least one person out. Roman should be an easy target. Major yet minor, family in town but nobody seems to give a damn except Sami, and he looks to be about 103 years-old.

Here's hoping third time's the charm! If not, maybe you'll want to find a new career path. Lots of people are apparently heading to Salem U this fall. Maybe you could be, like, a doctor or an accountant.

Much love,

Brilliant letter, px!

I agree, Andre SUCKS as a murder.


I'm not even afraid of you, anymore. You're a JOKE. You're not a threat. You can't even KILL a man. Or woman, for that matter.

And you call yourself a villain!

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