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Aug 25 2007, 01:22 AM
Wow...no one noticed the totally different feel to today's show? The execution was better, the scenes were well put together, the music was different in spots (especially in one of the Chelsea/Nick scenes) and the camera angles were different. For example, in one of Stefano's scenes, the camera panned around slowly from Lexie and Benji entering over to Stefano as he and EJ talked. Something similar happened with Sami/Lucas/Kate. I even noticed changes in Thursday's show as the look of the Santeen flashbacks had changed. They no longer looked any different then the normal scenes. The lighting was different.

The writing today was superb too. That Chelsea/Nick scene finally cleared the air as to the issues they have. Good, character-driven scenes. We got the same with Sami/Lucas/kate. Simple, nice scenes with LUMI and very good scenes with Lucas/Kate over the Stefano issue.

The Dimera stuff was superb. Tony's snide comments were a highlight, as was Lexie vs Stefano, which IMO explained very well why she and her father had no interacted. I know it had more to do with JR but it was needed to explain all that IMO. EJ talking about his father and his scenes with Stefano were great. JM showed so much humanity. Brilliance. Even the little Sami/EJ scene had something different to it. It had DIRECTION. Everything today was cohesive.

The ending with the fadeout, music, and classic Stefano laughing was amazing. Ed may not have been credited but I think he influenced today alot. Very, very good. I guess people must have just not watched, FFed alot, or maybe it's some other reason. I can't believe no one else commented on this.

I listened to the first 20 min.; watched the last 40.

LOVED, LOVED, LOVED -- more than anything -- the Chick scenes. They are ON again! (As in, "hot," "hip," "sexy," "angsty." I just LOVE them having relationship woes like this. It doesn't hurt that camera angles, the direction and the AMAZING performances from two BRILLIANT performers were cherries on top, but the writing was TOP-NOTCH. Maybe the best Chick scenes yet! Although, I will say this: what'shisface (seriously, temporarily forgot his name! :o), in the second to last segment, looked a little TOO "I'm about to start a shoot-out at the Brady pub." He almost looked deranged or something. It was scary!
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