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Overall to me it was an up and down week. I am bored senseless by Shelle and not even Philip can make them interesting. When MM and JKJ have scenes they are usually quite good, but add in BB and any sizzle just oozes down the drain. I like the guy but he is so monotone in his delivery and deadpan or unexpressive that I just zone out. JC was a laid back actor but he somehow was able to communicate his lust for Mimi and his love for Belle. I don't know, maybe it's just me but Shawn is the trouble w/Shelle. There was an actress, who has since been let go by AMC who had the same effect on me. She was pretty and should have hit all the right notes but she was anti-chemistry. She was so blah, I just couldn't watch her.

That is exactly how I feel about Brandon Beemer! The guy always has the same pissy look on his face (rarely smiles) and is just so blah sounding. I really wish that Jason Cook would come back. Ever since BB has been playing Shawn I haven't liked Shelle, there is NO chemistry there at all. MM has more chemistry just talking to JKJ than she does in a love scene with BB. He needs to go!

I didn't really notice the changes in today's show, but I was busy doing other things while watching the show.
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