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Steve Frame
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I noticed the changes in the look today and the previews too. I didn't the first time as I fast forwarded a lot but went back and looked when I didn't see the SFX in the previews which I did watch all the way through.

Ed Scott is definitely influencing the show already, which is nice. We will have a nice looking show to watch.

But I will say it again until someone addresses the big issue things are not going to get any better. You can dress up an old house with new paint but until you address the foundational problems it is still an old house.

The stories have got to quit going in circles. Plot points have got to quit being skipped. Stories involving more of the people we care about and I mean actually making the story involve and affect them. And better balance. In the previews for the next 2 weeks Sami is on 8 out of 9 days that the show airs. I didn't count EJ or Lucas but they are on a lot too. The young group gets toned down one week but the next week they are on every day again. Marlena's name is not mentioned once nor is John. Hope's is mentioned once.

Days fans sent Corday a message earlier this year. He said he listened and he made more promises. They haven't been kept - again. Hogan doesn't help things because he offers no comfort to fans because he says he is now writing what he wants to write. And obviously the only thing you can assume is this is who he wants to write for.

I am holding out hope that Scott will break his trend of not interfering with the writing, and tell Corday hey this is what needs to be done.

And please God if they are going to show Sami all the time please let them fix my Sami. I don't want the old immature Sami back but I sure want a Sami with backbone.

Until those things are fixed, I don't see what dressing it up is going to do other than make it look good and maybe put Days in the running for some technical awards at Emmy time.

But hey Y&R still looks good, nothing wrong with Y&R technically - it's their stories that stink and the execution of them. Same thing I am seeing at Days and same thing so many others are seeing too.
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