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Well, your right about the look of the show but that was not the only thing different yesterday. The Chick scenes yesterday made so much sense out of the last few months of going around in circles with them and Lucas/Sami/EJ had actual direction yesterday. Everything had a flow yesterday and a direction. To me, that is the biggest thing because people have been mentioning how plot points are being missed and how things are "choppy." Well, yesterday, for the first time in a long time, that feeling was gone. It was solid all the way through. If that continues, the show will be fine because it's not the stories that are bad. It's the execution.

I wouldn't go by spoilers alone if we are considering who is on in the next two weeks. Hope is definitely on more then once. As for J&M, I agree they are being sorely wasted. I know why Drake is and Dee was on a two week break but she is back now and it seems she is out of the loop again. We'll see.

I think this week and September will be telling. There were re-writes, just like there were in May, and I am thinking September will be like May in that stories will wrap and build into new ones. Hopefully, the show can carry some excitement through the whole Fall. I have heard some things that make my hopeful, even moreso then usual.
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