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Y&R's Nick and Phyllis: Sex and a Sentencing

Nick finally beds Phyllis, but that won't save her from a harsh prison sentence this week on Y&R.

"Phyllis feels doomed," Michelle Stafford sighs. "Noah took the stand and said some sweet things, and Sharon came to Phyllis' defense, too, but Sharon wasn't sweet. She still thinks Phyllis should go to prison. She didn't lose the edge."

Nonetheless, Phyllis thanks Sharon for speaking on her behalf and then gets her ducks in a row. She confirms her pals Lauren and Michael will look after Summer if she gets locked up and then makes a video to help her baby girl remember her.

"It's a beautiful moment," affirms Josh Morrow. "Nick's watching it and he knows you can't fake that [emotion]. He's in a weird spot. He still loves Sharon and when he's around her, it's tunnel vision, but day by day he's getting drawn into this storm that is Phyllis. He's starting to see why he fell for her and married her. She's a great mother, she's sexy and she likes to have sex." And Nick's finally ready for that last part. "They haven't had sex yet since he came back," notes Morrow.

"So Nick sees her in this vulnerable state and makes love to her - and once they start doing it, they don't stop!" adds Stafford with a laugh. Unfortunately, Phyllis doesn't get much time to bask in the afterglow, since she's due back in court.

"The sentencing comes down and she's completely destroyed," Stafford winces. Of course, Nikki, who maneuvered this case to court to begin with, can't wait to rub Phyllis' face in it. "She walks up to Phyllis and starts telling her she's going to raise her daughter. Phyllis goes out of her mind," fumes Stafford. "Sharon was caught in the crossfire, but Nikki is actively taking her down."

Phyllis isn't the only one who notices. Nick blasts his mother, and the pair emerges stronger than ever, making love again after sharing some touching family moments with Noah and Summer.

One thing's for sure: Whether or not Michael can reduce Phyllis' sentence, she'll definitely be getting conjugal visits.

Sneak Peeks

Week of August 27

Jana faces complications in surgery.

Noah gives Sharon grief over her affair.

Paul grows closer to his daughter.

Amber hunts for the lost money.

Can't Miss: Wed, Aug 29
Ji Min and Jill strike a deal.

Week of Sept 3

Phyllis refuses to report for jail.

Amber lands in even hotter water.

Jack and Nikki rush to cover their tracks.

Jana panics about her future.

Revolving Door

Jill's fiance, Ji Min, finds himself in the center of serious drama on Y&R, but that will be over by next week! Eric Steinberg, daytime's only Asian-American contract player, is out, although the show won't confirm his exit. Steinberg, who signed on last Sept. to help Jack pull off an underhanded buyout, told Weekly in July, "Since I've been here, four or five people have been let go. That leads me to realize I have no idea what's going to happen. If you embrace that, which I'm starting to do, that can be fun." Unfortunately, the fun's over for now.

Deanna Russo (Logan): Sources say the doc is on her way out, but Logan pops up in GC again on Sept. 4.

Obba Babatunde (Carter): Last seen as Evangeline's uncle Clay on OLTL in 2005, Babatunde appears on Sept. 6.

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