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YOUNG AND RESTLESS: Phyllis sees Neil in the courtroom and tries to apologize for what happened to Dru and her part in it, but Neil coldly dismisses her. Phyllis again asks Michael and Lauren to look after Summer if she is sent to prison, and they accept. Judge Chong sentences Phyllis to the maximum penalty: six years in jail. Adrian asks Colleen to move in with him, and she accepts. Nikki surprises Victoria by inviting both J.T. and her to dinner, at which point they announce they are having a baby boy. Maggie wonders if he has plans to tell Heather that he is her father, but Paul says not now. Noah announces that since he knows about Brad and Sharon's affair, he wants to live with Nick. In Jana's recovery room, Jana tells Kevin she remembers the operation, and Kevin is overjoyed that her surgery was a success. Jill goes to Ji Min and informs him that the only way he can win her back would be if he goes public about Jack owning Jabot. Jill returns to Ji Min's room just as she is hiding the stolen money in the air vent.

SNEAK PEEK: Phyllis goes to prison.
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