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Sorry to keep sticking the point but you keep saying that you know why Drake is not on.. Well again you do not know why Drake is not on. I wish you would quit acting like you do. And if you don't want people to get upset about it then quit saying it. Unless you work for the show and know for sure that Drake did everything you are accusing him of then you can't say that you do.

I can come on a board and say that Drake is only on because Hogan doesn't want to write for him. That doesn't make it right but it sure gets in a jab at Hogan even if it is not my intention.

I am sorry Drake possibly said something negative about your favorite show, but as of yet you have not proven to me or anyone that he did the things you said. And all the rumors you keep talking about are just that rumors.

As far as we know Drake is still the same Drake he has been portrayed to be by Christie Clark, Rhasaan Orange and others. I was just reading an article the other day where Orange praised Drake for being one of the kindest backstage to him. And how they joked around with one another.

Christie Clark always talked about how they joked around and played practical jokes on one another. She spoke of that many times in Daytime TV magazine before it disbanded.

Everything in print but that one article gives a different picture of Drake. And that one article can be interpreted in different ways. Sure some say Drake should come forward and clarify it like Mary Beth Evans did, but maybe he doesn't care anymore. Maybe it is fans like you who make it that way. He has given his all for Days for 20 years and doing everything he could do to honor it and promote it. And some fans want to believe the worst about him all of a sudden. I don't think I would be in too good of a mood and quick to respond either.

I don't know any of this and it is only speculation on my part, but I will side with caution based on 20 years of reading about Drake.

And as to people saying he is upset about being reduced to the background. Langan reduced him to the background several times for the younger set just like he did all the others during that time.

Did Drake get mad about that? No.
Did anyone say that Drake was causing trouble backstage? No.
Did Drake continue to be positive about Days? Yes.

Well if Drake is upset this time and not positive about Days. That tells me that something else is going on. Never since around 1980 have I read there was tension on the Days set. The last time was when Susan Hayes in the middle of her feud with Kaye Stevens and then some problems with Brenda Benet. Most of it was during the time that Susan's mom wrote for the show, and several of the actors/actresses complained that Susan got all the good material from her mother. Not once since then has there even been rumors. Sure Kristian had the porn guy fired, but nothing major like this.

I find it funny that only since Hogan has come aboard have we had 2 actors who have had to speak out to the press. I still am not sure that is what Drake did but will side on the side of opinion here that he did for now. But Drake who has been with the show for 21 years and Bryan who has been with the show for 14 years have both been to the press about things. Plus you add Thaao's remarks that they were now bringing in the big guns (as if he and Joe are Days only big guns).

Sound familiar folks - both Ellen Dolan and Eileen Fulton as well as a few others had to go to the press about things when Hogan was at ATWT.

I am not pro-Drake. I am pro-vet. These actors have put in their time at Days and they deserve better treatment. If Drake is upset there is more to it than him being backburnered. He didn't get upset when Langan backburnered him. He didn't get upset and go to the press last year when he was given a 2 month unexpected vacation.

If he is upset there is more going on than we know about. And given Hogan's reputation with vets, I have a feeling that is where the blame is most likely at.

I am not going to say that anyone doesn't have the right to be mad at Drake - that is not my place. If you are tired of him that is one thing. If you are tired of the character that is one thing. But to besmirk a man's reputation constantly online when it can't be proven that is wrong.

I have no problems with rumor threads and the like as I post in them all the time. That is what those are for is backstage gossip but to constantly say you know why someone is not being used. All I can say is prove it.

I can say a thousand times that Hogan is a liar but it doesn't make it true. All I can say is that I think based on the information we have that he is, but I can't say with 100% proof that he is.

At the same time for those who say that if Drake didn't mean those things then why doesn't he come forward. Well why doesn't Hogan clear up the mess he has stirred up. The last word we have from him is that this is what he wants to write. Well if it is then it answers a lot of things about what he has said before. And it makes him appear to be a liar just like to some the article makes Drake appear to be an ass.

Their both appearances but neither can be proven.
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