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Punk Cabaret is Freedom

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Sonny accuses Trevor of aligning himself with Anthony Zacharra.

Trevor tells Sonny that he's only in town to help Kate.

Ric and Trevor come face to face.

Jason angrily confronts Sam and accuses her of trying to hurt Liz.

Sam is stunned when Jason threatens to kill her if she ever tries to harm Liz again.

Amelia plays matchmaker and tries to push Jason towards Liz.

Nikolas threatens to destroy Russell's career after he overhears him scolding Emily at the hospital.

Logan stops short of making love to Lulu when he realizes that Maxie is hiding in the closet.

Maxie blackmails Logan into having sex with her.

Sonny loses his temper when he spies Trevor kissing Kate.

Jax finally sees Jerry for who he really is.

Carly helps Lulu sort out her feelings for Logan.

Jason witnesses Lucky and Sam kissing.

Carly doesn't trust Jax's excuse for sleeping with Irina.

Trevor places a cryptic phone call to Anthony Zacharra.

Spinelli is broken hearted when Maxie tells him about Lulu and Logan.

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