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Steve Frame
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ilovemydays - that makes sense.

And Phoenix my last post said nothing about you being positive or anything. It was all about Drake. And it was not just that post but in another that you have said similar things that "you know". I am glad you have your sources and that is fine. But no one else does and it can't be proven. That is what I am going on.

As far as my sources for Hogan I can call them reliable too: SOD, SOW, TV Guide, etc. They are all places that Hogan has posted lies that he didn't live up too. But just because they are there doesn't make it so.

That is all I am saying. And go ahead call me a Mr. Know It All. I guess I could call you Mr. Victim because let me tell you if you are tired of the Mr. Know It All Posts - I am definitely damn tired of the Mr. Victim Posts.

The last I looked this was a Days thread - an open thread. We are both entitled to post our opinions. That means if you say you know why Drake isn't working then I have the right to post that I don't think you do. And ILoveMyDays had the right to post what she heard. And she makes a very valid argument.

And as far as Drake goes I will stand by what I believe from 20 years with him on the show and in the press until I am either proven wrong by a very reliable source and not just some rumor.

From my years of dealing with the Internet I have learned that even fans start rumors and post them on the Internet so it will have to be a reliable source before I even beleive that. Just take the rumors that started about what Mary Beth Evans said that resulted in Days fans turning against and calling her bitch and telling her to go back to ATWT. Or the rumors that resulted in people saying James Scott was gone just because his website was down. And so on.

I started to do this the other day but I didn't. Well Phoenix here you go. You can have the Days threads back. I can't believe that once again I am giving in. But it is not worth it. So don't worry you can come over here and discuss Days anytime you please. You won't see me again. It is the only way. Even the other day when we were supposed to be ignoring one another you still found a way through others to get the jabs in. So this is the for the best.

Have fun.
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