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I've feared for Sami's twins for awhile now. They are basically just a prop to show off Sami and Lucas as the fairytale HEA couple. When/if that starts to fall apart, the babies won't be needed. Now, if one belonged to EJ and we got a Brady/Dimera baby, there would be a purpose for the twins because it would be good drama. That's one reason I was so shocked when both babies ended up with Lucas's DNA; the writers missed some great story potential. But two Lumi babies--I don't see the point

IMO it's ridiculous to saddle a character like Sami with two babies anyway. She should be scheming and manipulating and raising hell, not raising children.

Disclaimer: Everything I said above relates to soap opera children. In real life, I love children and have two of my own. I am in no way advocating the harming or killing of children.
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