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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 25 2007, 06:59 PM
DaysForLife, I completely understand what you mean.

But you know it is so sad that you felt you had to add the disclaimer. When did soaps get to be mirrors of real life? They never have as far as I know and I don't want them to be. If I want cold reality and morality teaching I can watch PBS. I want fun, excitement and romance.

Despite all the nonsense I see around the net, I still think one or both of Sami's twins being DiMeras would be great. And I guess the very reason why HS and Corday will choose the safe, mind-numbingly boring route.

I thought the same thing Cindy.

It's sad some people have to be so critical and apply real-life moral standards to the fiction that disclaimers like that have to be made.

As for the twins not getting a mention... I didn't take that as they would die, I just wonder if that means we are going to stuck with pregnant Sami until Nov. sweeps. I hope not, but I wonder.

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