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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 25 2007, 07:06 PM
Aug 25 2007, 06:46 PM
I've feared for Sami's twins for awhile now.  They are basically just a prop to show off Sami and Lucas as the fairytale HEA couple.  When/if that starts to fall apart, the babies won't be needed.  Now, if one belonged to EJ and we got a Brady/Dimera baby, there would be a purpose for the twins because it would be good drama.  That's one reason I was so shocked when both babies ended up with Lucas's DNA; the writers missed some great story potential.  But two Lumi babies--I don't see the point

IMO it's ridiculous to saddle a character like Sami with two babies anyway.  She should be scheming and manipulating and raising hell, not raising children. 

Disclaimer:  Everything I said above relates to soap opera children.  In real life, I love children and have two of my own.  I am in no way advocating the harming or killing of children.

I love children too. :) I think Hogey went on record saying, "No more baby killings, no more incest." :huh:

If the twins are Lucas' and he does turn out to be a DiMera, what's the point? Sami and Lucas already have Will. It would have been better if EJ was the father; that would mesh with the story line much more than Lucas being the father and it would also tie in with the Colleen/Santo story. I'm starting to think this better be good. We have been told to expect many twists and turns. It better be good, and I mean really good.

Well regardless of what happens to Sami's kids, Sheffer killed Willow's baby so he's two for two on that broken promise.

AND ITA that it's incredibly stupid to make the kids be Lucas's even if he winds up a DiMera because of Will's existence cheating us out of that Brady-DiMera baby drama in that circumstance. It's also dumb to give twins to Lucas and Sami because they don't need twins when they already have Will.

I only hope that at the very least they turn this thing around to it being one and one, perhaps revealed in a medical crisis where it comes out that EJ is the dad, so there can be at least SOME drama to this pregnancy. If not, than has there ever been a worse who's the daddy story in soap history than this one? A child potentially conceived in rape/bargain sex resulting in twins with a husband who knew the paternity MONTHS before the children were born? And what's up with neither EJ nor Stefano going after Celeste for telling EJ the kids were his or going after Nick Fallon to find out who blackmailed so they can make him pay? You'd think the DiMeras would want some revenge for that. Simply dreadful.

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