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Todd/Marcie/Michael/Tommy: There will be a huge battle between Todd and Marc/Michael for Tommy. Huge consequences for Marcie and Michael's Marriage.

David/Buchanan's: "There will be some payoff with David finding out he's Asa's son. We know that Nigel know about David and then we'll find out that two other people know, Max/Alex, they're sort of the wildcards in this situation, and due to one of them, the situation will blow up and David will come back."

Miles/Marty: This is from head writer Ron Carvaliti and this is what he tells SOD, "Basically, they're both going to be sort of rebuilding their lives. In the fall, we'll see whether or not Miles can be redeemed, and if Marty can rebuild her life. John and Natalie will be in the middle of that as well."

Lindsay's Legal Woes: Being caught as Spencer's killer and her son Will rushing to her side.

Viki: Her children eventually get emails from her though things that may not be what appears to be in the emails.

Newcomers: Jared's fascination with Asa. He also has past connection with Jessica or Natalie. Hunt Block's Lee will be involved in two big cases that will affect a lot of different people on canvas.

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