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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 26 2007, 08:40 AM
I don't get why Lumi has to depend on EJ. They never have before. I mean, is Hogan so incapable of writing the couple that he can't make a story without some rapist DiMera in the way?

Yes, Hogan IS so incapable of writing the couple. Because he either has no clue who either Sami or Lucas truly are or just doesn't care who they are and have been since they joined the show and is only interested in writing them the way he writes all triangles... a "reformed bad girl" having to choose between "the swinging dick" and the "the good guy." He took away Kate's balls so she is no longer a viable foil for Lumi.
He took away Sami's balls so she will never cease to put up with Lucas's crap or be a weepy and emotional doormat who worships him for some inexplicable reason.
He took away Lucas's pride and brain so he will put up with Sami always making excuses to hang out with the man she accused of rape.

So the two of them don't really fight any more and thus they pretty much just suck because their chemistry was ALWAYS best when they were fighting but not so much when they are teasing each other in a friendly way as it just comes across as that... friends... or even worse... brother and sister.

But as for Lumi never having to depend on EJ before? So what? They always needed some outside obstacle to matter. Whether it was Carrie and Austin or Kate or Brandon, they always needed something else. I don't see what is all THAT different with them needing EJ to stay on the frontburner.
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