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Aug 26 2007, 05:28 AM
Oh wow! I didn't even know that NBC is preempting DAYS for two weeks again next year for Olympics!! :o

Nothing has been 100%-elly announced, but it's looking that way...

They did coverage in 04, and in this day and age of 24 hour coverage, I don't see it changing. And think about it...it's the perfect way for NBC to sabotage DAYS before/during its contract negotiations. NBC will probably(for fall) launch another syndicated entity and ask it's O&O and bigger markets to place the said syndicated show in DAYS's timeslot.

I mean, c'mon...this is the same network that cancelled SANTA BARBARA and didn't replace it with anything! The same network that cancelled SUNSET BEACH and AW in the same year.

Do you REALLY trust NBC and its affiliates to do the right thing by the fans of DAYS when you see what their past history with soaps has been?!

I don't. And I would start writing the DAYS letters to the network AND the affiliates today.

I am one of those that have really low expectations from the changes coming. I don't think that DAYS can get 500 000 - 1 000 000 viewers back and keep them. I just don't see any soap doing that these days.

Despite me being a doomsdayer, I'm not gonna say it's imposssible. But I do think it's gonna take something to get people talking again. And Marlena being possessed again(as much as I would love "The Return Of MarDevil" for the nostalgia and camp factor) won't do it. Neither will a "Daytime Dollars" sweepstakes.

I could see them gaining half a million viewers before May if the affiliates don't drop DAYS or do a late-night switcheroo(which, in this day and age of SOAPnet, an affiliate is likely to tell the fans to order cable to see it), but it will be difficult.

Great storytelling can cause a ratings surge...but it won't even matter if NBC and it's affiliates aren't willing to stick with DAYS.
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