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I'm interested in the David and Buchanans storyline. I think it's going to be really funny to have David claiming to be Asa's heir.

I know that the show has stated that Catherine Hickland is safe, but something tells me this storyline is leading to her exit. :(

I don't care about Miles or Marty. I liked Miles in the beginning, but he quickly became one note and a horrible character. Maybe Ron can fix that, but if he can't, he shouldn't just keep trying. He should can the characterr.

Just from the way the story sounds with Viki and the emails, and how they're nothing like they appear, makes it sound like Viki is in some kind of trouble, i.e. kidnapping or something.

I like Jared, and I think he makes Natalie interesting. Can't wait to see him with Jessica. And I'm also excited to see Hunt Block arrive in Llanview. I wonder why Farah Fath's character wasn't mentioned.
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