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Marcus Patrick goes undercover in Salem

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When Jett Carver, Salem Police Captain Abe Carver's nephew, came to town this summer, his motives were a bit sketchy. However, in recent weeks, the reason behind Jett's behaviour has come to light - he is working undercover to bust up Jeremy Horton's illegal-alien smuggling operation. Will Jett's friendship with Jeremy dissuade him from arresting his good friend?

Marcus Patrick, who portrays the newest man in blue on Days of Our Lives, explains: "It's beginning to stress him out; he's feeling guilty. It's tough. There is a back story between the two characters - they were soldiers together, and Jeremy saved Jett's life. He's torn between his job being on the line and repaying a debt to the man who saved his life."

There's also conflict on the romantic front. As the actor who plays the man who just might come between young couple Nick and Chelsea, you'd hardly expect Marcus to be the couple's biggest cheerleader, but he is. "Both Blake (Berris, 'Nick') and Rachel (Melvin, 'Chelsea') are really good actors together. Rachel is just great - she puts her heart and soul out there and won't quit until she gets it right. Blake is my absolute favourite. He's not your typical soap-opera actor. His character, Nick, is crazy. I love the scenes where he attacks me and tries to beat me up."

Newest project

Aside from his newest project of working on Days, Marcus has plugged a lot of living into his life so far. A native of Bath, England, he is the former heavyweight British Tae Kwon Do Champion and a second-degree black belt (watch out, Nick!). He also was the lead member of the Simon Cowell-created boy band called Worlds Apart. Of Simon, Marcus has only good memories: "I remember when I auditioned for him. He said, 'Marcus, you're a star.' At first I was scared of him because of his bluntness, but he was always nice to me. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I was a martial-arts champion."

Marcus toured with Worlds Apart for about a year, but decided that it wasn't for him. "We were doing puppet garbage - dress this way, feel this way, act this way. And we (he and the other band members) were fighting all the time. We have since reconciled and become friends again, but back then there was constant bickering."

Exotic dancer

After leaving the band, Marcus realised that he had to start making money if he was going to fulfil his dream of making it in America. He worked at the London Underground for a year ("It was god-awful"), and saved up enough money to come to America - Miami, to be exact. He was a personal trainer for a while, but after a series of unfortunate events, he found himself without a car, a condo or a job. A friend of his suggested that he become an exotic dancer, which he did. Because of this, Marcus gained recognition and notoriety in Miami, which led to his winning the title of Mr. Miami, and "things just took off from there."

So, with most of the hardship and strife behind him, Marcus moved out to L.A. He had played a bit part on Days prior to being cast as Jett. As Marcus explains: "I had auditioned for casting director Fran Bascom before. She's so sweet. When the role of Jett came up, she told me, 'This is the perfect role for you.' I was so glad because I really wanted to play a cop. I was always being cast as the bad guy."

While being on a soap opera still might entail taking off your clothes for money, Marcus is very grateful for this opportunity. "Being on a soap is high-pace; it's very fast. It's good craftsmanship training."

And the best part about it? "It is just a blessing to have regular work as an actor."

- Cindy Elavsky
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