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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all done!

DOOL SHOCKER: Hogan Sheffer FIRED! Fall storyline shakeup!

Daytime Royalty unveils NEW and IMPROVED “plan to save Days!”

*During a rain, Sami goes into labor at Salem Place with only Alice to help her deliver the twins.
*After hours of intense labor the twins survive, at least for now, and Sami names them Luke and Lindsey.
*For the first time in 20 years, Andre tries to kill someone on purpose and actually succeeds when he kills EJ with a knife.
*It just so happens at the same time that Sami’s new son has cancer of the thigh and EJ winds up being his organ donor.
*Angry about his human trafficking network being dismantled, Andre also causes a plane crash on a Touch the Sky airlines flight and Jeremy dies in the arms of Max, but not before declaring his love for him.
*John and Marlena seek revenge on the DiMeras by going after Stefano but a poisoned banana intended for the old man winds up sending Megan Hathaway to the hospital instead.
*Kate sets a trap for Andre and recovers the leather folio, which is found to contain Horton Christmas ornaments to the Brady family’s surprise.
*When Sami announces she has decided to marry a DiMera to end the feud, Bo has a heart attack.
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