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I don't have a lot, unfortunately, but here goes.

All My Children
~ "Fan February" episode from February 2003.
~ Two and a half episodes from soon after Bianca's rape, August-September 2003.
~ Christmas 2003.
~ Christmas 2004.
~ The 35th Anniversary, January 2005.
~ Phoebe's Funeral, May 2005.
~ Christmas 2005.
~ Christmas 2006 (not the actual episode, but the next one...which was much better, IMO).

I might have two or three more episodes somewhere, but I can't think of them right now.

As the World Turns
~ The two 50th anniversary episodes from 2006. I plan on taping over the first one if I have to. The second one is a must-keep.

Guiding Light
~ 70th Anniversary episode, January 2007.

Days of our Lives
~ Christmas 2006. Will get taped over soon, I'm sure.

The Bold and the Beautiful
~ Christmas 2006.

Dark Shadows
~ Two and a half episodes of the parallel time storyline from 1970, featuring Angelique and Julia plotting to get Maggie kicked out of Collinwood. Taped from Sci-Fi in 2003.

~ Episode #54 - "A House Divided" (3/21/1980). No one is friends with JR and, of course, someone shoots him. Taped from TVLand in 2005.

Knots Landing
~ Episode #1 - "Series Pilot" (12/27/1979). Val and Gary move to the cul-de-sac and become involved when Sid's daughter Annie raises hell. Taped from TVLand in 2005.

Falcon Crest
~ Episode #68 - "Ashes to Ashes" (5/18/1984). The family endures the aftermath of Julia's death and the tragedy at the springhouse. Julia's final request is that her family go to Italy to spread her ashes across Tuscany. Melissa schemes to get Cole all to herself. The plane to Italy crashes. Taped from TVLand in 2005.
~ Episode #69 - "Requiem" (9/28/1984). Philip, Michael, and Linda perish in the plane crash. Richard believes the crash was the work of the cartel. Angela meets British lawyer Greg Reardon, while Terry is less than grief-stricken about Michael's death. Taped from TVLand in 2005.

~ Episode #49 - "Dear Georgie" (4/24/1993). Georgie becomes an advice columnist, unknowingly doling out bad advice to her own sisters. Alex and Frankie believe Truman is cheating on their mother, John thinks Teddy is interested in him, and Reed is upset about the time her father spends with her little brother. Taped from TVLand in 2005.


All of the daytime things are original airings, except for "Dark Shadows," of course. The primetime soaps were all taped in June 2005 when TVLand did a weekend-long marathon of shows distributed by Warner Bros.
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