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Will tragedy finally seperate Will and Gwen? Or make them stronger than ever?


  • Alison comes to see Will and Gwen asks her to leave. Before Alison can turn around, Gwen doubles over in pain. Will rushes to Gwen's side and the happy couple is soon disheartened to learn that Gwen has miscarried.

  • Dusty wakes up to find Cheri has been shot and is dead. He cringes even more when he sees that the gun in the room belongs to him. Naturally, Lily comes to his aid despite Holden's reservations about her being involved with Dusty. (Holden doesn't know all the details regarding Lily's visit to Dusty). Lily takes the gun, wipes the prints off of it, and hides it under Emma's kitchen sink. Meanwhile, Dusty has no choice but to lie to Margo.

  • Craig is befuddled when he sees Rosanna and Paul. Paul and Craig have little time to spar as Meg comes rushing in on the not-so-happy trio and faints upon seeing two "dead" people. Later, Rosanna is visited by a flower-toting Craig. When Rosanna asks Paul about Meg, Paul reveals that he and Meg were an item, but obviously, she's moved on. And moved on, she has. Meg and Craig finally cosummate their marriage with an emotional lovemaking. But not before Rosanna remembers something that she immediately tells Paul. She remembers being afraid of Craig the night of the accident.

  • Luke and Noah get an unwelcomed spy in Maddie.

  • Katie and Carly face off soon after Katie's arrival back in Oakdale.

  • Carly gets a surprise visit from her thought-to-be-in-a-coma sister, Rosanna.

  • Gwen makes a tough decision.

    Jack and Katie's engagement party does NOT go off without a hitch!

    Rosanna's memory returns full force and she sets out for revenge against Craig.

    Gwen gets more bad news.

    Katie's surprised when Jack asks one more thing of her.

    Luke and Noah face off as Luke demands Noah make up his mind.

    Craig tries to figure out Paul and Rosanna's exact mission of revenge.


    Billy arrives back in town and meets quite a nuissance: his cousin' ex, Maddie. Billy reveals he's been in close contact with Casey, but when Maddie prods him for info regarding Casey's whereabouts, he won't budge. However, he leaves his phone behind and Maddie finds Casey's number.

    Elsewhere, Alison comes across a wrecked car and takes the stranger home to help him. When she opens his bag, she's horrified to find the bag full of cash. Just then, his cell phone rings and hoping for clues about the mystery man, she answers....and finds herself taking to her arch nemesis Maddie, who furiously demands to know why Alison has Casey's phone.

    Vienna and Henry are also rumored to take part in this (rumored) future storyline.[/b]
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