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Aug 25 2007, 09:41 PM
OK not to bump a topic that is pretty much a dead horse already, but I have been informed (second hand) that James pretty much put to rest these EJ dies rumors at a fan event today and also learned he is going to be doing public appearances on behalf of the show into November so I pretty much think this Wendy rumor is total crap.

Yeah, I just read this:

I was over at the soap board Forbidden Love that is a Ejami fan site and they said they spoke to James this weekend. He was at a charity event with Judi Evans, Stephan Nichols amoungst other people. And he said he is happy with the show and that he is not going anywhere. He said that Ed Scott first show will air on the 29th of this month. Also that if Days doesnt get renewed with NBC there were other networks that would like to pick up Days.

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