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Alicia Minshew left the Treasure Coast for fame, fortune and ‘All My Children’

NEW YORK — During the week, Alicia Minshew puts in 16-hour days, so on a recent Sunday afternoon visit to a West Side coffee shop, she was especially relaxed.

Since 2002, the 33-year-old actress has played Kendall Hart on ABC’s daytime drama "All My Children" — one of the most popular characters on one of the most popular soap operas (Kendall’s mother is Erica Kane, famously portrayed by Susan Lucci).

The Plantation-born Minshew got this prestige job shortly after relocating here from Stuart, where she’d been the president of the drama club at South Fork High School, and performed with Indian River Community College theater department.

"I was a mess in the beginning," Minshew said between sips of green tea. "I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

"We have to learn 30, 40 pages a night. You don’t get a lot of rehearsal time. You show up and you’re expected to make this interesting writing work."

Today, Kendall — a cosmetics magnate with two small boys, both of whom have serious health problems — is on the show nearly every day.

"Now that I know my character, and I know what makes her tick, and I put so much of me into her, I enjoy her," Minshew said. "I enjoy playing it so much more now."

Twice during our interview, excited fans timidly approached Minshew and asked for an autograph.

Each time, the actress was gracious and chatty. It’s all part of the job, she said afterward.

"With a soap actor they feel like they know you, because you’re in their living room every single day. They go through all these emotional things with you. So I think we’re more approachable, whereas a big movie star is a little less approachable. With a soap star, they scream out your character’s name all the time."
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