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Who did the lady of the evening in?

Could it have been Lily,who impulsively wanted to help her friend Dusty out. She always does before she thinks. Could she have snapped?

Could Emily Stewart have slipped in to town to get revenge unnoticed? She once shot Paul and had Dust chained up.

Could Ali have snapped before she went to Gwen's house and done the deed?

In a drunken fit could Susan have sought out justice for her daughters to atone for being a bad mother.

What about Lance the porn producer? Maybe he had other plans for that video?

The uptight Winston Mayer came upon Dusty and Cheri fighting while dining with Noah and Maddie. Why place him there? Maybe he has a past with Cheri.

Elwood the geek performed a service for Cheri. Maybe she refused to perform a "service " in return and he snapped.

Dusty~ a novel idea,the one who looks guilty actually is!

Cheri- this is a part of an elaborate set up to get her own revenge against Oakdale's resident superhero!

It might have been a disgruntled former employee or john.

Your thoughts?
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