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Open to Discuss~ :)

Classic Clip: Stone and Robin as Stone leaves this place for a better one. So sad, but truely amazing stuff. I had a hard time picking between this storyline clip and the Maxie/BJ story, but went with this & just linked to a montage clip of the BJ/Maxie stuff(this clip had me bawling!!)

Get those tissues ready!

BJ's Gift

and Stone Passes~

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and Last Week on GH:

Jason found out that Sam was the one who hired the thugs to scare/attack Liz.

Trevor Lansing made is way into town, as none other than Kate's boyfriend.

Lulu and Logan continued to grow closer.

Noah performed, with the help of Eli, at the LifeBeat concert, and afterwards Anna made her way back out of town.

Lucky and Sam shared their first kiss!
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