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Mason AKA Hogan
Aug 27 2007, 03:43 PM
But they have Belle acting like a complete idiot! Everyone and their dog knows that she loves Shawn...so why are they making her act like a total nitwit around Philip, a man who not too long ago, she despised? To me, this triangle is just as plot driven as it ever was - if not moreso.

Again, I disagree. Yes, fans know that deep down, Belle will probably always choose Shawn. But Belle has grown up watching a man like John, who was always there for Marlena, and who made sure that his family was safe and secure, and couldn't ask for a dime. Belle sees that in Philip, and sees that it is lacking in Shawn. Shawn is irresponsible, jumps the gun and often is immature. He is hot-headed like his father. Philip, on the other hand, she always feels that she and Claire are secure with him. They would never need to ask for anything with Philip in the picture, and Belle also admires that. I don't believe it is a plot-driven triangle. To me, it's character driven because we see Belle torn by both sides.
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