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Good show today.

I loved the scenes with Meg,Craig,Paul and Rosanna. This can really develop in to a good story.

Oh,Lily! You are not going to win with Holden. And Holden! You have known Lily for about 20 years? That adds up to about 40 in soap time. Lily is Lily. Accept her for who she is or move on.

I wonder who did kill Cheri? It looks like Tom is going to be on the case tomorrow!

I felt bad for Gwen today. I loved her scenes with Ali and Susan. I thought it was interesting at the beginniung that they referred to the OB/GYN as Dr. Samuels.
Dr. Samuels goes back to Doug Marland days. Hogan and Jean have always used Dr. Schiller as the resident doctor! Today's script was written by Peter Brash,the newest script writer. Either editor Courtney Simon didn't catch that or they are bringing back the Samuel's character.
OR,they think that no one in the audience is smart enough to notice these things. :D
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