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Captain Kirk

Aug 27 2007, 04:57 PM
I am sick of this Phelle Shelle mess. Give one of them a disease or something. Madison would rock with a cancer storyline or something. I am just sick of the triangle stuff with these three.

It's just stupid. Belle was raised rich. Why would she care Philip is rich? And since when are Shawn and Bope like destitute? Why is Shawn acting like he is trailer trash?

I've never been this less interested in a love triangle since Shelle/Jan (Heather Olsen's Jan).


I will add though that the character of Shawn might be one of the worst written characters in daytime history(with some exxageration thrown in). I don't know if its Brandon Beemer or the horrid writing for his character but I just feel nothing when he is on my screen. I shudder to even type this but I kinda miss Jason Cook and I was one of his biggest haters. Its probably more of the bad writing for Shawn, but Shawn is just a useless character and has been for awhile now. He is Bo and Hope's son damnit, I wish I could enjoy him more.
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