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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Aug 27 2007, 06:03 PM
I would probably have interest in the Belle/Phillip/Shawn triangle if JC was still playing Shawn. I just do not like Brandon as Shawn at all anymore. At first I thought he was ok, but the character has gone down the tubes since he took over the role and I do think he has something to do with it; not just the writing. He almost always has a pissy look on his face and is so monotone or something. The lack of chemistry between BB and MM is part of the problem too, but I think that is mainly a problem on his part. I just do not like them as a couple anymore. With these actors, I am all for Phelle.

I have never warmed up to BB and I don't know if it is him or simply Hogan's interpretation of Shawn that soured me on him so completely.

I actually liked Shelle better BY FAR when Jason Cook and Kyle Brandt were the other components of this triangle, but I had always thought that had more to do with my dislike of Kyle based on his season of the Real World moreso than what he did as Phillip.

But ever since BB took over the role of Shawn all we've seen him do is
-find out Claire is his daughter and that Belle wants a relationship with him but decide to shack up with a hooker instead
-destroy Max's racecar and drive through the Kiriakis Mansion stupidly when the whole Claire paternity fiasco was Kate's doing, not his
-be an idiot and work for EJ Wells even when his father warned him about that
-selfishly put Claire in danger by carting her all over the globe because he couldn't handle Phillip getting custody of her

If Nadia Bjorlin does come back I hope it's so Chloe can be someone for SHAWN because that's the only thing I can see spicing up this tired old triangle at this point and hopefully if NB and BB are dating in real life she can get some fire out of him to show up on camera.

I love Bo and Hope so much I want to like Shawn and I always did forgive him his mistakes when Jason Cook played him, but now that BB is in the role and so there's no sentimentality for the character or for Shelle with me I just think Shawn's kind of a big turd.
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