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It's funny because I always thought Cook had the pissy look on his face. Cook could only play anger. When he first started, he was fine because his acting was suitable for a teen but, as Shawn grew, I couldn't take Cook seriously as Shawn. He had good chemistry with KA and PR but that was about it. I liked Shimi early on too but that quickly fizzled out. With Martha in the role, Belle looked too old for Shawn. With Beemer, they have the chemistry and he has shown he can act. He did some great stuff early on but has had shit to work with since the "On the Run" story began. It's more on the writing IMO.

I think Nadia returning and being paired with Shawn wouldn't help. They need to flesh out Shawn more and we need to see him doing more then worrying about getting a job and Philip. I think him becoming a cop might help and could give him some much needed direction.

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