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Aug 27 2007, 06:52 PM
Aug 27 2007, 06:37 PM
I'm watching now on Soapnet, and it's not to bad except for the LUMI scenes which are driving me crazy. I hate how dumbed down Sami is now....... :soapbox:

LMAO. Different strokes for different folks I guess...

This is what I thought of today's epi.

Overall I thought the show was pretty good today. I liked the movement from different scenes and just the jumble of characters interacting.

I mostly tuned out TTS but they were on a short enough amount of time that I was able to tune them out and thus I enjoyed that storyline for once today. Even if I had to giggle when they had that Stephanie-Max part talking about the kiss and I looked up to hear this romantic music and the camera turned to Chelsea watching them knowingly and I just had to laugh to myself thinking Oh hell they really ARE going there knowing how much that will piss off a lot of people who wanted to believe Hogan's pledges about no incest.

I enjoyed Andre's encounter with Sami after she actually hatched a half-baked scheme to try and steal the folio (oh how I've missed scheming Sami) as well as bickering Lucas and Sami (their best scenes are and always have been fighting/arguing) even if Lucas looked RIDICULOUS during that one pause before the commercial break where Sami faints yet Lucas just sits there straining to try and get his hands on the folio yet failling to do so like he is glued to his chair or something and even if I had to wonder where the hell Andre got the wig and makeup from for his disguise, overall I just found it a good day and the first time in a while that a Lucas and Sami scene didn't make me want to throw things at my TV or put me to sleep.

I also LOVED Stefano's always skillful manipulation of EJ and EJ being in something other than a suit even if it was just a hospital gown. I loved Roman and Bo confronting them and gumming up the works and I LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing a scene again where Bo and Roman were smartass antagonists of EJ and his "Turn around this is not a peep show" line in response and him sticking Roman with the drugs was fun to see just because for me Roman getting stabbed NEVER gets old and I like having ruthless EJ back as long as it's not him trying to kill someone.


Something else I forgot before... since when is Roman the DEPUTY POLICE COMMISSIONER? Hasn't he always been COMMANDER Brady?

He was acting commissioner while Abe had his sight problems. With Abe back, it seems he is deputy commissioner now.

I agree about today. The changes I noticed on Friday were more noticeable but, like Friday, the show had direction. There wasn't useless shit filling time. Everything was fluid and the episode as a whole was well put together. We also had pretty good lighting and camera angles again.

Good to see some old school Lumi today and it was nice to see the fitness center. I know they remade the Java cafe to be a juice bar but it was nice to see a new set. Good seeing alot of people walking around there and at the Pub. It added alot to the scenes.. This is what I want to see in regards to LUMI though. Keep it up. The scenes with Andre were good, except for Lucas reaching for the folio. I could see if Andre was turned around and looking in that direction but Lucas had no reason to be that hesitant. Just grab the thing and run! Good ending though with ugly woman Andre's comment about Lucas making a ugly stain on the wall :lol:. Thaoo looked hilarious in that getup. :lol:

Stefano/EJ was good. I loved Stefano calling EJ on what he did to Lucas and his line about Lucas being an idiot. I love the writing of these scenes with EJ mentioning how he idolized his father and how he wants to become a better person. I also like the use of Rolf as he is much more serious this time around. Bo and Roman's banter at the house was hilarious and I enjoyed their scene with EJ when they were arresting him on parking tickets. EJ telling Roman to turn around and Bo telling EJ to put his pants on was funny too. Bo/Stefano at the end was awesome and I loved EJ stabbing Roman again :lol: . Good to see Roman showing so much personality. He is actually fun now.

TTS crew was boring but they didn't get much attention today. I did like the suspense buildup with Jeremy and Jett and Steph and Max addressing their situation but nothing much really happened.

Not a bad show today though. Two really great ones in a roll IMO.
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