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I was also wondering about Roman as the Deputy Police Commissioner; I thought he was Commander Roman Brady. He did make a point of stating his new title, but I don't know what could be so significant about it--except maybe because Abe is back now?

It was nice to see some of Sami's feistiness back today. Good to see her actually arguing with Lucas instead of just giving in. Their plan--or lack of one--concerning Andre and the folio was laughable, though. Why didn't Lucas just casually walk by the table, pick up the folio and walk out the door? The chair thing was so ridiculous. However, it was still some of the best Lumi scenes in a long time.

I love, love, love EJ and Stefano scenes. Daddy Dimera is a manipulator without equal! Good to hear EJ acknowledge that he does want to become a good person but is a lot like his father. I want EJ as a bad boy with a conscience, so I'm okay with him not 100% redeemed. Liked the little banter with EJ and Roman when he was arrested--it's nice to have some humor thrown in.

Roman and Bo are so good in scenes together. They have a wonderful brotherly chemistry. Unfortunately, that's about the only time I like Roman.

TTS was limited in its scope today so I could put up with it.

Overall, a good episode with real story movement. We've been getting lots of filler episodes so it's nice to feel things are going to be moving again.
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